Goodwill Auto Auction

Vehicle Listings for Auction Date 08/06/2016

MILEAGE KEY: (A) Actual Mileage     (E) Exceeded Mileage     (D) Discrepancy     (TMU) True Milleage Unknown
Year Make Model Body Type Color Mileage Condition Status VIN
2000 CHRYSLER VOYAGER Van Blue 146505 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 2C4FJ25B7YR840226
1995 DODGE CARAVAN Van Maroon 197176 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 2B4GH253XSR190126
1998 PLYMOUTH VOYAGER Van Tan 176722 (D) Available 2P4GP44GXWR630157
2004 CHRYSLER PACIFICA SUV Blue 182628 (A) DNR (Does not run) Available 2C8GM68424R641965
1999 DODGE CARAVAN Van Green 113495 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 2B4GP44GXXR197197
2000 JEEP CHEROKEE SUV Black 271210 (A) DNR (Does not run) Available 1J4G248N1YC178486
2003 SATURN VUE SUV Silver 0 (D) DNR (Does not run) Available 5GZCZ23D63S913379
1985 OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 4-Door Blue 14397 (E) Available 1G3AM19E7FD309219
1997 FORD ESCORT 4-Door Maroon 128667 (A) DNR (Does not run) Available 1FALP13P8VW293812
1997 CHEVROLET CAVALIER 4-Door White 112262 (A) DNR (Does not run) Available 1G1JC5241V7119451
1997 CHEVROLET LUMINA 4-Door Silver 222449 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 2G1WL52M3V9332065
1991 OLDSMOBILE 98 4-Door White 136259 (D) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1G3CW53L0M4304135
2001 CADILLAC DEVILLE 4-Door Grey 179776 (D) DNR (Does not run) Available 1G6KD54Y81U120796
1995 BUICK CENTURY 4-Door White 90298 (D) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1G4AG554XS6432695
1998 BUICK LESABRE 4-Door Maroon 230072 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1G4HP52KXWH541038
1998 MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 2-Door Silver 170658 (D) DNR (Does not run) Available 4A3AK44YXWE029911
1996 TOYOTA CAMRY 4-Door Green 126316 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 4T1BG12K4TU941100
1998 FORD TAURUS 4-Door Blue 228142 (A) Available 1FAFP52U9WG247865
1999 CHEVROLET CAVALIER 2-Door Black 177417 (D) DNM (Runs, but does not move) Available 1G1JC1241X7111314
1992 FORD TEMPO 2-Door Red 83629 (E) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1FACP31X3NK196863
2003 OLDSMOBILE ALERO 4-Door Silver 226988 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1G3NL52F53C205442
1996 MAZDA PROTÉGÉ 4-Door Beige 273904 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available JM1BB1412T0342064
1998 CHEVROLET LUMINA 4-Door Green 262010 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 2G1WL52M8W9321774
1996 FORD TAURUS 4-Door Purple 216697 (D) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1FALP52U2TA159287
1990 LEXUS LS 400 4-Door White 199399 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available JT8UF11EXL0044008
2001 FORD TAURUS 4-Door Gold 156878 (A) Available 1FAFP56S51G206621
1992 PLYMOUTH SUNDANCE 4-Door Green 330039 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 3P3XP68K3NT326405
1994 DODGE CARAVAN Van Blue 120990 (A) Available 1B4GH44R5RX196736
1998 HONDA ACCORD 4-Door Black 210657 (A) Available 1HGCG5659WA211176
2002 OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE Van Brown 155432 (A) DNR (Does not run) Available 1GHDX03E62D237554
1989 CHEVROLET BLAZER SUV Red 206339 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1GNCT18Z9K8197033
Greater Miami Valley Area
937.228. A U T O
2 8 8 6
Greater Lima Area
419.999. A U T O
2 8 8 6
7150 N. Dixie Dr.

Dayton, Ohio 45413

Just One Helps!


Jessica, a young woman with vision loss, was able to pursue her career thanks to programs at Goodwill that were funded by donated vehicles from the Goodwill Auto Auction.
See Jessica's Story.



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