Goodwill Auto Auction

Vehicle Listings for Auction Date 08/08/2015

MILEAGE KEY: (A) Actual Mileage     (E) Exceeded Mileage     (D) Discrepancy     (TMU) True Milleage Unknown
Year Make Model Body Type Color Mileage Condition Status VIN
1996 CHEVROLET PRIZM 4-Door Blue 190053 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1Y1SK5260TZ037434
1996 CHEVROLET CAVALIER 2-Door Purple 174529 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available 1G1JC1249T7282418
1997 ACURA 32S 4-Door Green 193334 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available JH4UA3643VC007944
1998 MITSUBISHI MONTERO 4-Door Red 237971 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available JA4LS31P2WP016716
1998 CHEVROLET VENTURE Van Tan 179045 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available 1GNDX03E1WD347186
1998 CHEVROLET CAVALIER 2-Door Green 89037 (A) DNM (Runs, but does not move) Available 1G1JC1246WM102317
1999 FORD EXPEDITION 4-Door Blue 0 (TMU) Available 1FMPU18L9XLB73950
2001 PLYMOUTH NEON 4-Door Silver 22581 (A) DNM (Runs, but does not move) Not Yet Available 1P3ES46C81D163580
1999 TOYOTA SIENNA 2WD Van Blue 239363 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 4T3ZF13C0XU132716
2001 ACURA MDX 4-Door Black 223942 (A) DNR (Does not run) Not Yet Available 2HNYD18271H526863
2001 FORD ESCAPE 4-Door Blue 115617 (A) Not Yet Available 1FMYU03101KE71787
2002 FORD EXPLORER 4-Door Silver 161753 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1FMZU73KX2UD31631
2003 FORD WINDSTAR Van Silver 211533 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available 2FMZA504X3BA61133
2004 DODGE CARAVAN Van Tan 146812 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1D4GP24R44B517233
1987 PONTIAC FIERO 2-Door Yellow 34680 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1G2PG1192HP232149
1996 CHEVROLET BLAZER SUV Green 220653 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1GNDT13W0T2211729
1998 DODGE DAKOTA Pickup Truck 132793 (A) DNR (Does not run) Not Yet Available 1B7FL26X2WS766679
1990 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2-Door Red 235862 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1G2WJ14T2LF208873
1981 MAZDA RX7 2-Door Green 93064 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available JM1FB3314B0516746
2000 OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 4-Door Maroon 151743 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1GHDT13W1Y2195633
2003 BUICK RENDEZVOUS 4-Door Blue 135943 (A) DNR (Does not run) Not Yet Available 3G5DA03E53S607618
1996 MAZDA MPV Van Gold 140066 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available JM3LV5227T0805368
2000 DODGE INTREPID 4-Door Green 201940 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 2B3HD56JXYH236863
2001 CHEVROLET VENTURE Van Maroon 114094 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available 1GNDX03E11D268335
1991 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 4-Door White 32950 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1G2WJ54T0MF219377
Greater Miami Valley Area
937.228. A U T O
2 8 8 6
Greater Lima Area
419.999. A U T O
2 8 8 6
7150 N. Dixie Dr.

Dayton, Ohio 45413

Just One Helps!


Jessica, a young woman with vision loss, was able to pursue her career thanks to programs at Goodwill that were funded by donated vehicles from the Goodwill Auto Auction.
See Jessica's Story.



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