Goodwill Auto Auction

Vehicle Listings for Auction Date 02/07/2015

MILEAGE KEY: (A) Actual Mileage     (E) Exceeded Mileage     (D) Discrepancy     (TMU) True Milleage Unknown
Year Make Model Body Type Color Mileage Condition Status VIN
2003 PONTIAC SUNFIRE 2-Door Red 81464 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available 1G2JB12F137184497
2001 FORD TAURUS 4-Door Maroon 128233 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1FAFP55U91G273368
1994 PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 4-Door Grey 196232 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1G2HZ52L2R4206573
1989 HONDA ACCORD 2-Door White 327925 (D) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1HGCA6180KA072591
1999 TOYOTA CAMRY 4-Door Tan 106310 (D) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 4T1BG22K1XU576077
1989 FORD TAURUS 4-Door Grey 4449 (E) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available 1FABP52U5KA297562
2000 FORD FOCUS 4-Door Blue 127990 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1FAFP3432YW100451
1990 LEXUS LS 400 4-Door Silver 110760 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available JT8UF11E4L0027219
2000 TOYOTA AVALON 4-Door Black 0 (TMU) DNR (Does not run) Available 4T1BF28B7YU047356
1997 SATURN SW2 Station Wagon Green 182964 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1G8ZJ8273VZ121258
1999 CHEVROLET LUMINA 4-Door White 210142 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available 2G1WL52M9X9280153
2005 FORD FREESTAR Van Silver 305439 (A) DNR (Does not run) Not Yet Available 2FMZA57625BA62156
2002 FORD FOCUS 4-Door Grey 175906 (D) DNR (Does not run) Not Yet Available 1FAFP34PX2W340261
1998 DODGE AVENGER 2-Door Brown 91643 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 4B3AU52N8WEO22371
2003 FORD EXPLORER SUV Blue 129726 (A) DNR (Does not run) Not Yet Available 1FMZU63K33UA27410
1999 FORD RANGER Pickup Truck Gold 103735 (A) Available 1FTYR14X0XPA66961
1997 PONTIAC GRAND AM 2-Door Maroon 143081 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available 1G2NE12T5VC831699
1997 MERCURY MOUNTAINEER SUV White 164438 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available 4M2DU55P3VUJ33760
2000 NISSAN QUEST Van Blue 149564 (D) Not Yet Available 4N2XN11T4YD839830
2003 BUICK RENDEZVOUS SUV White 163369 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 3G5DB03EX3S599108
2004 MITSUBISHI ENDEAVOR 2WD SUV Silver 114696 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 4A4MN31S84E005629
1998 DODGE D1500 Pickup Truck Black 162091 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 3B7HF12Y1WM231473
1997 CHEVROLET TAHOE SUV Maroon 167757 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1GNEK13R6VJ409984
1989 DODGE DAKOTA Convertible Black 144905 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1B7GG69X7KS179271
1997 FORD F150 Pickup Truck Red 233871 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available 1FTDF1723VNA96679
1994 FORD RANGER Pickup Truck Black 54878 (E) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available 1FTCR10U7RPA65153
1995 MERCURY MYSTIQUE 4-Door Tan 131881 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1MELM6636SK642203
1990 TOYOTA CAMRY 4-Door Blue 194007 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 4T1SV21E6LU268186
1995 TOYOTA COROLLA 4-Door Green 149623 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1NXAE04B2SZ258240
1994 FORD RANGER Pickup Truck Grey 23063 (E) DNM (Runs, but does not move) Available 1FTCR14AXRPA04783
2003 CHEVROLET IMPALA 4-Door Grey 174859 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 2G1WF52E139438480
2001 LINCOLN LS 4-Door Grey 214392 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1LNHM87AA71Y704019
1999 FORD EXPLORER SUV Grey 231075 (A) DNM (Runs, but does not move) Available 1FMZU34E3XZB05216
2001 PLYMOUTH NEON 4-Door Red 131110 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1P3AS46C11D138552
1995 FORD CROWN VICTORIA 4-Door Blue 122380 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 2FALP74W7SX170043
1988 GMC 2500 Pickup Truck Maroon 205021 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 2GTFK29K6J1515210
1998 JEEP CHEROKEE SUV Black 144627 (D) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available 1J4GZ58S7WC291217
2003 MAZDA MZ6 4-Door Silver 135922 (A) DNR (Does not run) Not Yet Available 1YVFP80D935M09302
1999 BMW 540I 4-Door Black 0 (TMU) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available WBADN5339XGC91766
2003 CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZER SUV Maroon 136288 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available 1GNET16S936144215
1995 SEA DOO BOMBARDIER Watercraft White 0 (A) Not Specified Not Yet Available ZZNA1794L495
2001 CHEVROLET VENTURE Van Silver 154082 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1GNDX03E71D325900
1996 TOYOTA COROLLA 4-Door White 357241 (A) Available 2T1BA02E1TC114114
1990 OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 4-Door Blue 96144 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 2G3AM54N2L2351135
2000 FORD ESCORT 2-Door Blue 180857 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 3FAKP1130YR170850
Greater Miami Valley Area
937.228. A U T O
2 8 8 6
Greater Lima Area
419.999. A U T O
2 8 8 6
7150 N. Dixie Dr.

Dayton, Ohio 45413

Just One Helps!


Jessica, a young woman with vision loss, was able to pursue her career thanks to programs at Goodwill that were funded by donated vehicles from the Goodwill Auto Auction.
See Jessica's Story.



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