Goodwill Auto Auction

Vehicle Listings for Auction Date 12/20/2014

MILEAGE KEY: (A) Actual Mileage     (E) Exceeded Mileage     (D) Discrepancy     (TMU) True Milleage Unknown
Year Make Model Body Type Color Mileage Condition Status VIN
1984 CHRYSLER 5TH AVE 4-Door Gold 97239 (D) Not Specified Available 1C3BF66PXEX560433
1983 CHRYSLER LE BARON Convertible White 98175 (A) Available 1C3BC55G5DG163926
2001 MERCURY SABLE 4-Door Purple 264086 (A) Available 1MEHM55S91A636523
2001 CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO 2-Door Black 203527 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 2G1WX15KX19127229
2001 CHEVROLET CAVALIER 4-Door Gold 77584 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1G1JC524417151269
2002 PONTIAC GRAND AM 4-Door Silver 142633 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available 1G2NV52E42M534292
2002 CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY Van Blue 176528 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available 2C4GP44382R573548
2002 CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY Van Blue 211788 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available 2C4GP44362R780150
2002 CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY Van Silver 142974 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 2C8GP64L52R579639
2004 FORD E250 Van White 201579 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1FTNS24L74HB55572
2005 FORD TAURUS 4-Door Green 194315 (D) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available 1FAFP53255A179370
2005 DODGE CARAVAN Van Silver 150889 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1D4GP45R25B257300
2006 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 4-Door Blue 124418 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 2G2WP582661156117
2007 SATURN ION 4-Door Blue 151826 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1G8AJ55F47Z120105
1976 SIGNA RUNABOUT Watercraft White 0 (A) Not Specified Available SGND0163M76B
1972 SIGNA TRI HAUL Watercraft Tan 0 (A) Not Specified Available OHZ64687J472
1983 HOBIE CAT SAILBOAT Watercraft Yellow 0 (A) Not Specified Available CCMQ8185M83D
2000 FORD EXPEDITION SUV Green 285565 (E) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1FMPU18L2YLA06931
1969 ODAY SAILBOAT Watercraft Blue 0 (A) Not Specified Available OHZ64689K469
Greater Miami Valley Area
937.228. A U T O
2 8 8 6
Greater Lima Area
419.999. A U T O
2 8 8 6
7150 N. Dixie Dr.

Dayton, Ohio 45413

Just One Helps!


Jessica, a young woman with vision loss, was able to pursue her career thanks to programs at Goodwill that were funded by donated vehicles from the Goodwill Auto Auction.
See Jessica's Story.



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