Goodwill Auto Auction

Vehicle Listings for Auction Date 05/07/2016

MILEAGE KEY: (A) Actual Mileage     (E) Exceeded Mileage     (D) Discrepancy     (TMU) True Milleage Unknown
Year Make Model Body Type Color Mileage Condition Status VIN
1970 CHRYSLER MUTINEER BOAT Watercraft White 0 (A) Not Specified Not Yet Available OHZ54172F010
1988 PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 4-Door Grey 417485 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available 1G2HX54CXJW269691
1990 TOYOTA COROLLA 2-Door Black 200555 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available JT2AE96J0L3398932
1996 SEA DOO SHUTTLECRAFT Watercraft White 0 (A) Not Specified Not Yet Available 0SZ01554D696 / ZZN48414B000
1996 GMC SONOMA Pickup Truck Green 203444 (A) DNR (Does not run) Not Yet Available 1GTCS19X8T8504900
1996 CHEVROLET CAVALIER 4-Door Purple 193712 (A) DNR (Does not run) Not Yet Available 1G1JC5241T7156173
1999 GMC SONOMA Pickup Truck Grey 143449 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available 1GTCS19X0X8534463
1999 DODGE DAKOTA Pickup Truck Red 111499 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1B7GL26X9XS133196
2000 BUICK PARK AVENUE 4-Door Blue 204173 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available 1G4CW54K4Y4294233
2007 FORD TAURUS 4-Door Tan 131760 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available 1FAFP53U27A123424
1998 FORD EXPEDITION SUV Maroon 235304 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available 1FMPU18L5WLA40276
1974 DURALUM JON BOAT Watercraft Grey 0 (A) Not Specified Not Yet Available DUR89744M74J
1990 DODGE DAKOTA Pickup Truck Blue 142933 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available 1B7FL16G1LS753900
2002 HONDA ODYSSEY Van Silver 232882 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available 2HKRL18652H555691
2004 FORD CROWN VICTORIA 4-Door Silver 175221 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available 2FAFP74W74X129136
1991 TOYOTA PREVIA Van White 180035 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available JT3AC11R3M0004603
2003 HONDA ODYSSEY Van Red 174388 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 5FNRL18003B001857
2000 HONDA ODYSSEY Van Blue 204951 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 2HKRL1853YH539120
1950 HOMEMADE WOODEN ROW BOAT Watercraft Blue 0 (A) Not Specified Available NONE
1992 LINCOLN LIMO TOWN CAR 4-Door Black 38901 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1LNLM81W4NY749584
1992 LINCOLN TOWN CAR 4-Door Blue 110719 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1LNLM82WXNY615757
1993 FORD BRONCO 2-Door Blue 150674 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1FMEU15N0PLA31970
1995 NISSAN SENTRA 4-Door Green 107469 (A) Available 1N4AB41DXSC761620
2000 FORD TAURUS 4-Door Silver 314623 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1FAFP56S6YG101502
2001 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 4-Door White 179069 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1G2WP52K71F194286
2001 FORD TAURUS 4-Door Black 190486 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1FAFP55U61G157383
2006 CADILLAC CTS 4-Door White 137629 (A) Available 1G6DM57T360176460
1977 SILVERLINE NANTUCKET Watercraft Red 0 (A) Not Specified Available SLV44527M77C
1983 STARCRAFT ST150 Watercraft White 0 (A) Not Specified Available STRK54320483
1992 CHEVROLET LUMINA 4-Door Grey 149729 (D) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 2G1WL54T0N9114587
1995 NISSAN QUEST 2-Door Maroon 0 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 4N2DN11W8SD810545
1995 JEEP CHEROKEE 2-Door Green 185651 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1J4FJ67S5SL503570
1995 DODGE CARAVAN Van Maroon 133862 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 2B4GH25K8SR365819
1995 CHEVROLET G20 Van White 222028 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1GCEG25K8SF201300
1995 CHEVROLET BLAZER 4-Door Purple 183277 (A) Available 1GNDT13W6S2195809
1996 TOYOTA CAMRY 4-Door Green 185517 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available JT2BF12K3T0148913
1996 TOYOTA 4RUNNER 4-Door Grey 127988 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available JT3HN86R5T0048949
1996 LINCOLN TOWN CAR 4-Door White 189872 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1LNLM81W3TY701152
1997 TOYOTA CAMRY 4-Door Green 138408 (A) DNR (Does not run) Available JT2BF22K2V0083688
1997 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2-Door Black 188203 (A) DNR (Does not run) Available 1G2WP12K6VF251527
1998 FORD F150 Pickup Truck Red 163296 (A) Available 1FTZF1768WNB21103
1998 DODGE NEON 4-Door Green 152096 (A) DNR (Does not run) Available 1B3ES47C2WD671874
1998 CHEVROLET CAVALIER 2-Door Red 163929 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1G1JC124XWM106144
1999 JEEP CHEROKEE 4-Door White 231224 (A) DNR (Does not run) Available 1J4GW68NXXC637965
1999 CHEVROLET MALIBU 4-Door Maroon 231139 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1G1NE52M1X6258564
2001 OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2-Door Blue 131086 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1G3NL12E91C114493
2001 DODGE CARAVAN Van Green 109510 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 2B4GP44G61R141619
2002 POLARIS GENESIS Watercraft White 0 (A) DNR (Does not run) Available PLE14288L102
2002 FORD RANGER Pickup Truck White 120856 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1FTYR10D82PA97606
2002 CHRYSLER CONCORDE 4-Door Blue 124626 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 2C3HD36M22H173413
2002 CHEVROLET CAVALIER 2-Door Gold 204338 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1G1JS124X27111632
2003 FORD E250 Van White 108644 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1FTNE24223HA44537
2004 PONTIAC MONTANA Van Tan 144208 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1GMDX13E64D167158
2005 CHEVROLET EQUINOX 4-Door White 91151 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 2CNDL73F956092706
2005 CHEVROLET CAVALIER 4-Door White 151466 (A) DNR (Does not run) Available 1G1JC52F957109171
2010 MAZDA SPEED 3 4-Door Red 58670 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available JM1BL1H32A1178265
2010 CHEVROLET COBALT 4-Door Black 100126 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1G1AD5F53A7234773
1995 GEO PRIZM 4-Door Purple 171658 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1Y1SK5261SZ055133
2002 BUICK REGAL 4-Door Blue 1 (D) DNR (Does not run) Available 2G4WB55K321167063
2003 CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY Van Blue 135964 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 2C4GP24383R286247
2005 PONTIAC VIBE 4-Door Red 105218 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 5Y2SL63895Z400355
1992 CHEVROLET BEAUVILLE Van Blue 82931 (A) Available 2GAGG39K8N4157505
1981 BMW 628 2-Door Red 108828 (A) DNR (Does not run) Available WBAEA310XB5571078
2006 DODGE STRATUS 4-Door White 128382 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1B3AL46T36N220329
1998 CHRYSLER TOWN AND COUNTRY Van Gold 0 (A) Available 1C4GP64L1WB656447
2000 NISSAN QUEST Van Tan 126047 (D) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 4N2XN11T3YD833968
1991 GMC 1500 Pickup Truck Blue 164204 (A) DNM (Runs, but does not move) Available 1GTEC14K7ME542171
1999 CHEVROLET MALIBU 4-Door Tan 247691 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1G1NE52M6X6187040
2000 SATURN SL1 4-Door Silver 186202 (A) DNR (Does not run) Available 1G8ZF5280YZ267727
1992 CADILLAC DEVILLE 4-Door White 151516 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1G6CD53B1N4267453
1995 DODGE SPIRIT 4-Door White 247977 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 3B3A4633ST551248
2000 MITSUBISHI GALANT 4-Door White 158940 (A) Available 4A3AA46G3YE122506
1986 OLDSMOBILE FIRENZA 4-Door Blue 34514 (E) DNM (Runs, but does not move) Available 1G3JD27P7GK326268
1990 TOYOTA CELICA 2-Door Red 265039 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available JT2AT86F3L0020360
2003 TOYOTA PRIUS 4-Door Silver 204137 (D) DNM (Runs, but does not move) Available JT2BK18U130075514
2003 PONTIAC GRAND AM 4-Door Silver 4 (D) Available 1G2NF52F03C120908
1990 OLDSMOBILE CIERA 4-Door Silver 116153 (A) DNM (Runs, but does not move) Available 2G3AJ54N8L2372774
1998 FORD ESCORT 2-Door Black 199768 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available 3FAKP1131WR273224
1999 MERCURY COUGAR 2-Door Gold 163677 (A) R,M (Runs and moves) Available 1ZWHT61L7X5618332
1999 CHEVROLET CAVALIER 2-Door Gold 147798 (D) R,M (Runs and moves) Not Yet Available 1G1JC1246X7189927
Greater Miami Valley Area
937.228. A U T O
2 8 8 6
Greater Lima Area
419.999. A U T O
2 8 8 6
7150 N. Dixie Dr.

Dayton, Ohio 45413

Just One Helps!


Jessica, a young woman with vision loss, was able to pursue her career thanks to programs at Goodwill that were funded by donated vehicles from the Goodwill Auto Auction.
See Jessica's Story.



Member since 1991.

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